10 Tips to create the festival experience abroad

10 Tips to create the festival experience abroad

friday, march 11th, 2016 / Editors

You’re ready to have the festival holiday experience abroad. You got yourself a ticket and now you are most probably looking forward to it. Feeling excited and can’t wait for summer? Festival.Travel tells you some tips of what to expect and how to make most of it.

festival sziget(Sziget 2015, Budapest, Hungary)

#1 Plan ahead

Plan you journey. Check out the weather before departure to make sure which clothes are suitable and make sure to pack things you need during the festival in a fanny pack. Most important is your phone, bankcard or cash (not all festivals have an ATM), keys, earplugs, sunglasses, sun-block, comfortable shoes, poncho and condoms (you never know what to expect). If you really want to get right into the mood, listen to the spotify playlist of the festival you are going to and play it during your trip to the festival.

festival(Sziget 2015, Budapest, Hungary)

#2 Festival buddy

Find your festival buddy to share your crazy festival experience with, create your festival insider jokes and do share it with someone who you know you will have a great time with during the festival days. You can encourage each other to try new things or to see other shady spots at the festival, who knows it might turn out to be your favorite place or thing to do. Map out which artists you and your friends would like to see beforehand and compromise.

balaton sound festival(Balaton Sound 2016, Zamardi, Hungary)

#3 Outfit

The festival you are going to is most probably longer than 2 days and you have seen some after movies already to get the festival feelings started. Well, we’re sure you have seen some crazy people walking around in a funny outfit. Go for it, too! It’s a lot of fun and easy way to meet other festivalgoers. You can get a lot of compliments for walking around in a donkey suit or as a superhero. Maybe consider doing a group dress-up, it is a lot more enjoyable when you all look a little more foolish.

lollapalooza berlin festival(Lollapalooza Berlin 2015, Berlin ,Germany)

#4 Discover

You are at a totally new festival abroad, so first things first go and explore the festival grounds and find hidden places. Many festivals create areas that give an intimate vibe and it is where creativity sparks most. Do meet people there, they will make your day and bring you laughter. Just remember to be open, respectful and spread the positive vibe. It affects everyone’s mood and be part of the awesome collective experience.

balaton Sound festival(Balaton Sound 2015, Zamardi, Hungary)

#5 Avoid long queues

Just got into the festival site and already feelin like your first drink but the long waiting lines are just not what you want.Best way to avoid long queues is to skip token booths or drink stands you see. Go right in and check out the area where less people are. You will get your drinks and food faster that is for sure.

volt festival(VOLT 2015, Sopron, Hungary)

#6 Drink water

Many forget to keep themselves hydrated. It’s summer and the weather is warm, you are dancing all day and on top of that you are drinking alcohol. Most festivals provide taps with drinkable water. Best way is to bring a water bottle cap with you as most festivals sell you a bottle of water but take away the caps for security reasons. Like this you can put the bottle back into your bag or on the ground and not worry about spilling it.

sea dance festival(Sea Dance 2015, Budva, Montenegro)

#7 Secure personal items

Don’t bring anything with you that you don’t want stolen otherwise make sure to use a locker for your valuable items. You can reserve a locker even before you’re at the festival. Take that opportunity because there is a limited amount of lockers at music festivals. Also if you do keep things in the tent, hide them well. Most preferably away from the entrance and do hide your valuables when asleep as well. You do not want your wallet or phone stolen when you’re abroad.

exit festival(EXIT 2015, Novi Sad, Serbia)

#8 Capture your moments

Bring along a small camera or your smartphone will do the job too. Capture the funny moments, from wasted nights to early morning hangovers or take videos of your favorite acts. You will have something to look back at when you’re travelling back home and to share the festival experience with your friends and family. But don’t spend all your time starring at a screen, keep in mind to live in the moment!

volt festival(VOLT 2015, Sopron, Hungary)

#9 Explore the city

Go explore the hosted city of the festival. There is more to see than just the festival grounds and we believe it’s worth doing some sightseeing while you are there and perhaps return to it, to reveal the real beauty of it when you have more time.

outlook festival(Outlook 2015, Pula, Croatia)

#10 Have fun

Be yourself, dance like know one sees you and bring good vibes. Also an easy way to meet other people is if you have something to share, like a gum or get those diffraction glasses that make an extra colorful light effect when wearing them during the performance, everyone will want a pair of those. Besides, don’t watch your money expense too much. You’re at a festival, you were looking forward for this, so enjoy a cocktail or two or try that tasty burger.

See you abroad!

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