#3 Sziget Festival Guide: Activities

#3 Sziget Festival Guide: Activities

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Sziget activities, where to begin? Where to go? What to do? We listed 5 things you can do on the island of freedom. Either you can discover your inner artistic talends, master your posture and balance, test your abilities or do what to do best during holidays, lie on the beach and swim in the Danubes. And do join one of the special parties at Sziget.

art sziget festival

#1 Become an artist

Sziget can make you an artist too, even if you think your not the most creative person, you can learn to be one! The ArtZone is where you can let yourself free by participating and making your own sculptures. Take a glimpse at the art galleries around, anyone can join even if you have no clue how to use a sewing machine or a paint brush. Szitizens designer will help you.

yoga Sziget

#2 Free your mind

Rise and shine, it’s time for some physical, mental and spiritual practice: Yoga. Starts everyday around 10 am at the Theater and Dance tent. Don’t worry if you haven’t done it before and to look like an amateur, we all begin somewhere. Yoga connects your mind and body. It benefits your posture, balance, and strength, boosts your energy and can improve your sleep! It’s exactly what you need after crazy partying and sleepless nights in your tent. Tip: try doing it everyday and you will definitely feel the difference.

www.facebook.com/festivalphotographers - photo: Zsolt Furesz

#3 Test your abilities

Ready to see the world from another person’s perspective? Not just any person, someone who doesn’t have all the abilities such as blindness or someone who is stuck in a wheelchair his whole life. Experience yourself what obstacles a person with disabilities has and get a better understanding about their day-to-day challenges.

sziget beach

#4 Sun + Sand + Water = Beach

The island of freedom is a perfect summer holiday destination. It offers everything, including a beach. It is the season for tan lines, put on your bikini or speedo and take a swim in the Danube. It is the hotspot for recovering and relaxing. Listen to music while resting on cushioned carpets and pillows in the colorful shades, surrounded by artistic decorations and fascinating lights. The atmosphere will rest and recharge your senses!

Photo: László Mudra - Rockstar Photographers - http://www.facebook.com/festivalphotographers

#5 Special Party

Everyday there is a big celebration at Sziget. Known as ‘Special Parties’, are organized at the Dan Panaitescu Main Stage mostly around 7 PM. Definitely worth to join such a uniting and togetherness at once during Sziget. Besides, the End Show with Hardwxqell will start at 9.30 PM. Find out below which Special Parties are on which day:

  • Wednesday: Pinwheel Party
  • Thursday: Clapstick Party
  • Friday: Flag Party (bring your own flag)
  • Saturday: Colour Party
  • Sunday: Cheer Pom Poms Party
  • Monday: Confetti Party
  • Tuesday: End Show with Glow Sticks

Of course, there are a lot more things to do at Sziget, so do whatever you feel like and explore it with your own eyes. Interested to find out more at Sziget Festival, read further: #1 Sziget Festival Guide: Music and  #2 Sziget Festival Guide: Arts and Theatre. Staying longer in Budapest or want to discover the beauty anyways? Find out what to do in Budapest here.

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