Cheap flights to EXIT Festival

Cheap flights to EXIT Festival

friday, april 8th, 2016 / Editors

There is no international Airport in Novi Sad, Serbia. The nearest Airport is the Belgrade’s Nikola Tesla Airport. Festival.Travel selected a couple destinations you can fly to, to get you easily from the UK and Ireland to EXIT Festival. Additionally, we add bus transfers and train rides with travel time and costs to give you the best overview. We recommend using, to find the cheapest flights.

EXIT flight airports map


  • Direct flights from London-Heathrow (Air Serbia, LOT), London-Luton (Wizz Air)

To get from the Belgrade Airport to Novi Sad Festival.Travel organizes a bus transfer for €10 (£7.90) one-way and €19 (£14.95) two-ways. It’s about 1.5 hour bus ride, which depart on July 6 or 7 and return on July 11 or 12. Tickets are available in the EXIT Store. Another way is to get to the Belgrade train station from the Airport with Bus 72. Here you can catch a train, which takes 1.5-2 hours to Novi Sad.


  • Direct flights from London-Heathrow (British Airways), London-Luton (Wizz Air), London-Gatwick (easyJet), London-Stansted (Ryanair), Dublin (Aer Lingus, Ryanair), Birmingham (Wizz Air), Manchester (Jet2), Glasgow International (Wizz Air), Edinburgh (Jet2), East Midlands (Jet2), Leeds (Jet2)

Festival.Travel also provides a bus transfer from Budapest to Novi Sad, for €22 (£17.30) one-way and €39 (£30.65) two-way. This departs on July 6 or 7 and return on July 11 or 12. This tickets can be booked in the EXIT webshop. Train rides from Nyugati railway stations or Keleti to Novi Sad are about 6.5 hours.


  • Direct flights from London Heathrow (British Airways, Croatia Airlines) and many 1 stop flights via Vienna, Prague or another city are offered by similar airlines mentioned above.

To get from Zagreb to Novi Sad a 6-hour bus transfer for €45 one-way and €90 return can be bought in advance in the EXIT webpage. This departs the same dates as mentioned in the other destinations above. If you want to take the train you first have to go to Belgrade from Zagreb, this is about 6 to 7 hours and then take a bus or train to Novi Sad.

Booking ahead is advisable as it can get quiet busy during the festival period. Keep in mind that the travel time to some of these airports might take you longer than you expect. However, usually taking alternative flights can turn out a lot cheaper. Besides, you can discover the city you are landing in and spend the day there. This way you can expand your travel and add some sightseeing to your festival holiday experience.

Festival.Travel makes sure to get you straight to the EXIT festival campsite, by offering those bus transfers from Belgrade, Budapest and Zagreb. If you wish to get straight from the Airport to the campsite this is the best solution, purchase your tickets here. Pick yourself the trip that suits you best and simply use to find your cheapest flights.

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