Croatia: New hotspot for music festivals

Croatia: New hotspot for music festivals

thursday, april 21st, 2016 / Editors

Croatia is calling to be the festival destination of 2016. Many major music festivals celebrate across its island like Sonus, Hideout, Ultra, Soundwave,… In Pula, two festival become home in a breathtaking venue, naming the electronic underground festival Dimensions and the bass festival Outlook. The country shimmers by the coastline along the Adriatic seaside with sun-kissed beaches and many island to visit. The temperature and the party vibes contribute to the sexiest festival feeling.

dimensions pula(Photo: Dimensions 2015, Pula, Croatia)

#1 Pula

Pula’s history is highly influenced by the Romans, also the sixth biggest Roman amphitheater is host to two festivals: Dimensions and Outlook festival. It is one of the prettiest festival venues in Europe. Both festivals are considered to contribute significantly to the cultural and economic development wealth of Pula. Besides, it is great to see that Croatia is recovering from the separation of Yugoslavia that happened in the 90’s. For that reason, it still remains as a low-cost holiday destination comparing to other countries in Europe. Likewise, the line-up at the festivals are just as good as other European festival and is often cheaper.

dimensions festival pula(Photo: Dimensions 2015, Pula, Croatia)

#2 Dimensions

The underground music festival takes place the 24. – 28. August. Tickets are now available for only €190. Its’ genre focuses on house, techno, jazz, drum & bass and soul music. International acts like the german DJs Marcel Dettman and Ben Klock, the American techno/house musician Moodyman, Larry Heard from Chicago and many many more will be performing and deliver the atmosphere you need for your get away. Curious about the whole line-up, see the Dimensions page.

outlook festival pula(Photo: Outlook 2015, Pula, Croatia)

#3 Outlook

Outlook festival crosses many genres such as reggae, hip hop, dubstep, house, drum & bass and funk. The more bass music festival will happen 31. August till 4 September for €175. Here the legendary reggae artists Damian Marley, the English rapper Stormzy, the two hip hop artists Slum Village, the DJ Andy C and many more are ready to end your summer 2016. Check out the Outlook page, for more information.

Both festival are at the same location, held in the Fort Punta Christo, surrounded by beaches, sound systems, stages and boat parties. Perhaps you are will to stay longer or need a small break during the festival? Then head out to the city itself and explore it by foot. There is a lot to discover from roman ruins to beaches and islands.

dimensions festival(Photo: Dimensions 2015, Pula, Croatia)

#4 Beaches

You are in need to get that summer tan going, well it is time to hit the beach. The nearest one is Stoja and along Lungomare between Veruda and Valsaline. But if you do catch the bus anyway, we recommend going to Verudela, it is said to be a lot more pleasant and has the best-in-town lunches. The Fratarsko Otok is an island where all locals head out during summer. It is only a 15-minute drive down south and boats sail to the island every 20 minutes. Or head to Brijuni Island, it’s more touristic but it is beautifully covered by meadows and laurel forests.

Cvajner cafe pula(Photo: Cvajner, Pula, Croatia)

#5 Café, Lounge Bars and Restaurants

You got some time and want to discover cafés and bars in the Croatian city, Pula. Cvajner a spacious café filled with un-matching furniture, sculptures and high ceiling interior, deliver you the artistic feeling you need for a cup of coffee. Pietas Julia is a lounge & disco bar but also serves as an Italian restaurant. The spot to go to if you want to stay at one place for a couple of hours. At night it turns into a club, so sipping on cocktails is the best drinks to refresh during that temperature. Another place to be, to enjoy your morning coffee or your last drink in hot summer nights is at the Forum. This is located right in the city center and close to the shore, here the Temple of Augustus can be found.

dimensions festival(Photo: Dimensions 2015, Pula, Croatia)

#6 Travel

There are many ways to travel to Pula. Feeling like a roadtrip? Get together with a group of friends, start preparing and planning your way down. Festival.Travel shares the roadtrips tips with you here. Prefer to take it easy by train? Try out interrailing, here you can travel with an interrail pass through 30 different countries. Find more information on the interrail page. Or spend less time travelling, then we recommend to find flight tickets on Need an overview of the travel options? Check out the travel page.

outlook festival(Photo: Outlook 2015, Pula, Croatia)

#7 Accommodation

Want to join the festival camping? Get your tickets for €74.50 on the webshop of the festival. Or better stay somewhere with more comfort, Festival.Travel advices to overnight at the Hotel Pula. It is centrally located and you can use the outdoor pool or reach the beach easily by foot. Another option is the Youth Hostel, this is less luxury but therefore less expensive too. Find your suitable stay under the accommodation section of Dimensions or Outlook page. So do not wait too long and be part of one of the best festival holiday destination this year!

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