How to cure a festival hangover?

How to cure a festival hangover?

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Festival days can end up wild after dancing, laughing and having the time of your life with the crowd. But be aware to have the worst mornings ahead by simply not getting much sleep or living a healthy lifestyle at a festival. You are in need of something to ease your headache or nausea and unfortunately there is no magical potion out there yet for curing a hangover. However, Festival.Travel put some tips together to get you back on your feet fast during the festival days.

balaton sound(Balaton Sound 2015, Zamardi, Hungary)

#1 Hydration

Dancing, sweating and eating salty foods in the heat all day and on top of that the alcoholic drinks. Your body is surely dehydrated, to avoid this, do drink water during the day and before you go to sleep. This is an effective way to avoid the hangover feeling the next day. Many people forget drinking water before hitting the sheets, so drink that holy water as soon as you wake up. Try to avoid popping painkillers, this can have serious damage to your liver when mixing it with alcohol. Another tip is to avoid coffee the next day, it doesn’t only dehydrate you but it is toxin, as it will overwork your liver since it is already busy getting rid of those alcoholic toxins too. The best way to boost your energy level is to drink fruit juice. So grab a smoothie at the festival, it will definitely supply your vitamins and minerals for proper physical recovery.

festival food(Sziget 2015, Budapest, Hungary)

#2 Foods

What you eat the day after being intoxicated by alcohol does not really matter, but the food you eat before all those beers and cocktails can help ease your hangover the next morning. Eat fatty food like a greasy burger, pizza or pasta. This way you slow down the absorption of the alcohol flowing into the bloodstream. Check out the veggie food trucks at the festival, the healthy cuisine will offer you the veggies your body needs. Remember that you’re drinking in the heat so eating steady and drinking water will help you not getting drunk too fast.

volt(Volt 2015, Sopron, Hungary)

#3 Get moving

Jump into the water or take a hot and cold shower, it will wake you up and feel fresh again! Nevertheless, festivals provide so many activities to undertake. Go enjoy your hangover with others by simply playing games, it will help speed your time. Simply enjoy sharing your hangover with others, you won’t be the only one feeling like this. Join a yoga session or any exercise activity at the festival like this you sweat the alcohol out and you will be fit again in no time.

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