Festival Survival Guide: Phone battery

Festival Survival Guide: Phone battery

friday, may 20th, 2016 / Editors

You’re at a 3-day, 5-day or 7-day festival and you’re already struggling to keep your phone battery last one day. Here are some tricks to survive the festival with a your smartphone battery.

#1 Power bank & power points

Power banks are definitely a must have these days! You probably already own one and if not it is worth getting one. You can probably purchase them at the festival itself. And it is best to charge them up every night, so you can juice up your phone once or even twice during the day. Be a hero by simply sharing your power bank, in case you do not use it and why not help someone out who is in need for some battery juice. Also, many festivals now provide power points for a small fee. Or we suggest to get a locker which includes a power point, like this you are sure your phone is definitely safe while charging.

sziget(Photo: Sziget Festival 2015)

#2 Festival Map

Do grab one of those festival maps when you enter the festival. Even if the online app is available, your phone might run low in no time. These festival maps are the perfect guide, it provides you with essential information, like the overview of the festival grounds, the timetable of the line-up or other info regarding the festival. It is a great way not to waste your smartphone battery on opening the app every time you want to check the line-up . Tip: Grab two, there is always someone asking where you got this.

#3 Turn off all connections

Just make a few simple changes in your phone’s settings and you will notice the significant effect on the battery life of your device. So by this we mean turn off your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and location services, which obviously drains your battery as it is continuously looking for WiFi reception or your location. Another tip is to shut down all apps that are running in the background.

#4 Airplane mode

If you do not need to use your phone and you know that you’re not going to need to communicate the next few hours, turn your phone on flight mode. It simply switches off all your phone activities. And if you lost your friend or you want to meet up with someone, don’t forget to turn it back on or go to the meeting point you talked about earlier. Tip: Turn on the airplane mode while charging!

Fotó: Mudra László - http://www.mudralaszlo.hu(Photo: Balaton  Sound Festival 2015)

#5 Live in the moment

You are at a festival and not at home or on the bus. So don’t waste your time scrolling through your Facebook or video taping every artist or funny moments. Live in the real time and enjoy the festival with your own eyes. The feeling of being phone free is actually a lot more enjoyable. You don’t feel the need to text message someone or upload that amazing instagram picture to show how much fun you are having at a festival. And it is the best way to fully immerse, meet other festivalgoers and make friends in real life time!

If you are someone who cannot survive the festival without your phone, try out these tricks. Besides you will spend less time charging your phone while you could be dancing with your friends to your favorite songs.

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