Five reasons to stay at Lake Balaton

Five reasons to stay at Lake Balaton

thursday, march 17th, 2016 / Editors

You’re ready to go to Balaton Sound, B my Lake or even Sziget and would love to stay since you are there anyway. Why not use the opportunity to make it a complete summer holiday by simply including a few days more before or after your festival at Lake Balaton.

lake balaton(Balaton Sound 2015, Zamardi, Hungary)

#1 It’s summer

You have holidays and would like to relax as well during it. Go to one of the fifty beaches of Lake Balaton. Feel the need to relax on the beach after or before a festival. According to Balatontipp the best beaches are Balatonfured, Alsoors, Gyenesdias and Balatongyorok. All you need to bring along is a towel, your bikini/speedo, sunglasses and sunblock, which you already have packed in probably for the festival. Or take the opportunity to bike on the Balatonbereny beach, it’s the ideal beach for a sandy bike ride.

#2 Nature lovers

Lake Balaton is diverse in its’ landscape and ideal for nature-lovers. Fields of limestone, lavender, red sandstone, volcanic basalt and swampy areas surround one of the largest lakes in Central Europe. On the beautiful volcanic hills above Lake Balaton lay the fertile mineral grounds, where vineyards are based.  Badacsony is one of the richest regions that is most recognized for its’ wine growing since the Roman times. Or find the oldest castle Tadenka in Hungary on top of the Keszthely Mountain. This is a 30-minute walk from Zalaszántó.

balaton sound(Balaton Sound 2015, Zamardi, Hungary)

#3 Watersports

During Summer Lake Balaton is where the Hungarian locals escape to. Here are many activities you can do like windsurfing, sailing, rent a boat, paddle to the Lake Cave and see the amazing view from inside. Or simply spend a couple of hours fishing in the middle of the lake with some of your friends. There are more than 40 species of fishes and best catch is a zander. Popular dishes for fish lovers in that region are breaming fried catfish or carp.

#4 Helicopter view

Go up high at Lake Balaton and create a new unforgettable experience. Treat yourself with the breathtaking view which Balaton provides and fly above it with a helicopter or plane. Visit Hajmáskér for the helicopter flight or catch a plane in Budapest or from Heviz Airport, Sarmellek. It’s an adventurours flight and see for yourself what an incredible view you can have.

balaton sound(Balaton Sound 2015, Zamardi, Hungary)

#5 Party animals

If you’re in the mood for more partying, Siófok is the place to be. Here are the best summer beach clubs and parties you can find around Balaton. Depending on the evening some clubs ask entrance but in general the prices there are reasonable and maybe even cheaper than in your home country. Besides many known DJ’s are around and who knows maybe your favorite one too.

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