Interview with one of the best aftermovie-makers: Peter Pallag

Interview with one of the best aftermovie-makers: Peter Pallag

friday, january 29th, 2016 / Editors

Aftermovies of Festivals are the key of emotion that brings us back to the time we loved. But any idea how a aftermovie happens? Recently we had the honour to talk to one of our favourite aftermovie creators, namely Peter Pallag: The creator of Sziget’s official aftermovies.

The aftermovies of music festivals are buzzing all year-round and often create many hundreds of thousand of views on YouTube. These recap videos are a great way to refresh our memories and even trigger many fans to go to the festival and experience it themselves in next years’ edition. Creating an aftermovie is easy, but creating a good one is a lot harder than you think.

How did you start making aftermovies?

I have produced varied genres of films since I’ve started my career in 2006. That time I started working at a company which mainly made music videos and concert recordings. So I had a lot of music based directing, shooting and editing experience as a rookie. I love music but somehow never had a real chance to learn to play an instrument so I truly enjoyed getting into the music industry as a film maker. Later, my brother Daniel and I founded our own film production company ( Daniel and I immediately contacted the biggest Hungarian festival organizers with a message that we were convinced that we could do much better aftermovies than the current ones. We offered them that we would make the first movie for free and we could discuss about the future if they liked it. Since then we are making all the official aftermovies for the Sziget Crew.

aftermovie sziget

Why is an aftermovie so important for a festival?

Nowadays, festival tourism is in great demand. The aftermovie is the first impression about the whole feeling of a festival, when people are looking for a festival. That’s why every organizer wants to present the greatest aftermovie, but it’s not as easy as you’d think at first. Every event is different from size, location, music style, concept, mood, etc. so there’s no fixed rules of making a good aftermovie. As I think the aftermovie is the most powerful weapon in the communication of music events.

Do you get inspired by any other aftermovies?

I watch loads of aftermovies in order to gain inspiration. There are good ones, but I see a lot that I turn off after 10 seconds. The film industry has been booming for past years. Everybody can reach out to the newest gears, since they are more accessible and cheaper than ever. Producing nice quality is not a big deal anymore, since thousands of films are made for everything. Even a common Wednesday Night college party has an aftermovie. In my opinion, the creative concept behind the aftermovie is more important than the resolution of the video. Good quality is just another requirement.

aftermovie sziget

How many shots did you film in total?

It’s countless, but approximately we shot 15.000 video files. These were recorded by 8 on-field cameramen, 3 drone operators and a whole live stream team at the 3 biggest stages. We used about 4000 gigabytes of storage.

What was the most difficult shot of this years’ Sziget aftermovie? And which shot is personally your favourite?

For the intro sequence we shot a lot of scenes with the Szitizens holding the Sziget sign in different settings. I had the idea of putting the biggest sized logo, which was about 2 meters long, on the top of the fully packed mainstage crowd. This was captured during the confetti party from above with a drone. The final edit does not include this shot because I had to shorten that part. I seriously cannot pick a single shot as favourite, I love them all!

aftermovie sziget

What was the hardest part of editing the aftermovie?

Editing the aftermovie of a major festival like Sziget is quite a complicated job. You have to pack tons of good moments together into a few minutes long music video. I think the hardest part is mixing totally different music genres convenientely. For me, the music in an aftermovie is equal to the visual content.

Many people cannot wait to finally watch the aftermovie. How is it for you to finally publish it?

It was a long process from the beginning of pre-production to the premier of the final cut. I loved spending time working on it and I just could not wait to present it in public. As I see the feedbacks are absolutely great.

Did you also have some time left to watch some artists and relax at Sziget?
Not in the eyes of the visitors, since I had to lead the whole film crew and besides that I was also a cameraman. But at the end of the festival the whole crew comes together to celebrate the success. Legendary night!

Do you have any advice for people who are still doubting about going to Sziget?

Watch the aftermovie. If you don’t get in the mood after watching it, you probably won’t become a Szitizen! 😉

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