The sensational festival experience starts upon departure

The sensational festival experience starts upon departure

friday, march 4th, 2016 / Editors

Festival.Travel has been providing festival trains since 2009. These trains are more than just casual trains! They are the festival trains where your festival experience starts when boarding with DJ’s and a bar to serve you your drink along the journey. Make your trip to a festival an unforgettable adventure in the exclusive party wagon. Plus it’s a great way to already make friends prior the festival!

festival train(Sziget Express, 2015)

#Sziget Express

Annually Festival.Travel organises festival trains, famous as the Sziget Express to the Sziget Festival. This takes place this year on the 10 – 17 August in Budapest, Hungary. Currently, there are 3 festival trains departing all the way from the Netherlands to the island of freedom in Budapest. Not only start your festival experience in the train but also we guarantee you to get priority for tickets to the warm-up party in Budapest! Tickets for this festival train are still available, check out the Sziget Express page.

festival train (Sziget Express, 2015)

#Balaton Sound Express

New this year is the Balaton Sound Express where you can get on board from the station Antwerpen-Berchem and Eindhoven and drives you to the closest station to the festival, don’t worry it is a walking distance to Balaton Sound Festival. This years’ edition is happening on the 6 – 10 July in Zamardi, Hungary. Plus, Festival.Travel organizes a boat pre-party at Lake Balaton and the travellers of Balaton Sound Express get priority in ticket sales too, more information on that soon!. Unfortunately this festival train is already sold out, but if you were one of the lucky ones and need more information, click Balaton Sound Express page.

festival train(MELT! Festival, 2015)

# MiXery Melt! Train

You want to join one of these festival trains but prefer to be closer to home? The MiXery Melt! Train will take you to your festival this year. The MELT! Festival celebrates on the 15 – 17 July  in Gräfenhainichen, Germany! Together with Cool Tours, Festival.Travel offers you a festival train to the festival where pop meets electro. Also, the trains transforms into your hotel too, so you do not need to bring along a tent, the train is where you can overnight in (do bring a sleeping bag though). For more info, check the MiXery Melt! Train page.

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