Top 10 festival camping tips

Top 10 festival camping tips

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This summer you are finally heading out to a festival and since camping is included you will spend a couple of nights outdoors. Here some practical camping tips for you to survive those couple of days.

#1 Tent

There is usually always someone who owns a tent in your friends group and if not, we suggest to invest. Yes, a tent can be cheap but mostly these are not the best quality and highly likely not to be waterproof. So better to put some money together for a solid, durable and reliable tent which can last for more than just one summer festival. If you are travelling and only have limited luggage to carry, we provide tents at some festivals such as Sziget, Balaton Sound, B my Lake and VOLT.

sziget camping(Photo: Sziget Festival 2015)

#2 The ideal camping spot

The perfect camping spot can be quiet some challenge to get. To prevent this, we advice you to arrive early to be able to get the best place. Upon arrival, look for a shady and relatively flat area and away from any lavatory to avoid that funky smell. Tip: Do find awesome neighbours who you can play flunkyball with to get you right in the festival mood.

#3 Flunkyball

One of the greatest games to play at the campsite. All you need is a ball, a plastic bottles filled with a little water and half liter beer cans for each player. First divide your group equally into two teams. Put the water bottle in the middle of both team, make sure the distance between your team and the other team is comparable. Team A starts by trying to hit the water bottle with the ball. If the bottle falls, Team A needs to drink their beers as fast as possible. Team B must run to get the ball and fix the water bottle up straight at the same spot again, then quickly return to their line up and yells ‘STOP’. This is where Team A stops drinking and puts their beer down. Alternate turns, the first team to finish all their beers wins.

#4 Essentials to bring

The essential items that is easily forgotten but a definitely must need. Do think of bringing extra toilet paper, this usually runs out fast at a campsite. A flashlight to find your way out there during night. A cooling box to keep your drinks cold. Oh and water! Yes, even double the amount of water. You never have too much of it. Tip: Freeze your water before getting to the campsite. This way you have cold water for a couple of days.

#5 Upgrade your tent

Camping more than 2 days? A tarp or a pop up tent is great to create the living atmosphere. Build up a homely area with camping chairs and perhaps bring along a barbecue if the rules of the festival organization allow you too. And that extra something above your head is always good for some shade or to be protected from rain.

sea dance festival(Photo: Sea Dance Festival 2015)

#6 Pimp it up

A little décor will give it a more glamorous look. Bring along some sparkling lights, an old rug and perhaps some water resistant cushions to make your spot the coziest. Perhaps you have some time left and you can create some DIY decorations like lanterns, banners of triangles or dream catchers. Hang up a hammock and a make relaxing atmosphere for you and your friends! Tip: landmark your tent with a flag, to find it easily in the field of tents.

#7 Keep your valuables safe

Any valuable items that you will most likely not use during your festival adventure, do leave it at home. Things that you may need but cannot leave in the tent by its’ own, we suggest you to get a locker. Lockers can even be purchased in advance, so make sure you do so as there are only limited lockers available at each festival.

#8 Clean up after yourself

Festival camping can get quiet messy and as we believe we can all be part of being more a sustainable festival. Bring some trash bags with you and just clean up your trash once in a while, this way we can reduce footprints and simply help the organization to keep it tidy and enjoyable.

sziget festival 2015(Photo: Sziget Festival 2015)

#9 Prepare for rain

You never know what the forecast really is but checking it before is advisable. Do bring along a pair of wellies, waterproof rain jacket, a tarp and some additional dry clothes. And when your stuff gets wet, make sure to hang it up later when the sun comes back out to let it dry. Tip: bring a rope with you and attach it between two trees and relatively high so people don’t get caught up in it.

#10 Rules & information

Each festival organization does provide you much information and a couple of rules that need to be read before. Many festivals do not allow items like umbrellas, glass bottles or any prohibited items like illegal substances, guns or weapons. Do respect the rules and other festivalgoers. If there are any disturbing behaviours like aggression, contact one of the security guards around the campsite.

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