Top 10 unique places for a music festival

Top 10 unique places for a music festival

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Some of the most breathtaking music festival location ever from beautiful to very unusual places to bring a gathering of people together from around the world. These festival places brings the experience a step higher!

1. Electric Castle (below)

A festival brings electronic sound around an old castle that has been in ruin ever since World War II: the Bánffy Castle, Romania.

banffy castle

2. Sasquatch

Many people who have been to Sasquatch sites reviewed it as the prettiest festival they have attended. The sasquatch festival shines through the beauty at the Gorge Amphitheater in Goerge, Washington. This location also wins many awards for America’s best outdoor concert venue.

sasquatch festival

3. Bregenz Festival

Lake Constance is known for hosting music and art event at the craziest, bizarre and legendary stages ever, surrounded by water.

lake constance

4. Iceland Airwaves – Blue Lagoon Chill

Iceland Airwaves hosts a festival at several location in Reykjavik, including in the world famous Blue Lagoon. The warm lake full of minerals alone is worth the visit but it can’t get better experiencing a music festival

iceland airwaves

5. Into The Valley

A definitely must see is the Into the Valley Festival in Sweden inside an old limestone quarry, tuned with house-techno music.

into the valley

6. Burning Man

Discover the flamboyant art giant sculptures on fire of Burning Man. Held in the Nevada Black Rock desert. It is more than just a Music Festival!

burning man

7. Traena Festival

Watch a live band while sitting on a rock in the middle of nowhere but with the most breathtaking views, the Traena Festival in Norway.


8. Tauron Nowa Muzyka Festival

A Festival with contemporary music takes place in a former coal mine, where stages are hosted in the industrial look in old production halls, warehouses and inside a pressure tower. The Festival Tauron Nowa Muzyka in Poland.

Tauron Nowa Muzyka Poland

9. Sziget

The island of freedom, Sziget takes place on a whole island to itself in the middle of a capital city in Budapest. An entire island is used for a 7 days Festival.

island of freedom

10. Yinyang Festival

Yinyang Music Festival annually hosts an electronic music festival with a limited ticket sale at the most unique but remarkable human creation the ancient Great Wall, Beijing China.

yinyang festival

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