Trends 2016: 8 festival must-haves!

Trends 2016: 8 festival must-haves!

friday, april 1st, 2016 / Editors

Trending this year 2016 the festival survival gadgets. It’s already April and the festival season is slowly starting, so it’s time to get your festival gears ready! We listed 8 essentials you might need to get you through your festival experience this summer.

#1 The Beerbelly & Winebra

camping gadget

Perfect for the guys. Get that Beerbelly ready and fill it up with your favourite beverage. Now you can drink where you want, when you want and what you want. It’s hassle free and no shame to clap your hands during the performance. The Beerbelly that brings freedom to the beverage!

Don’t worry women, we have the ideal flask for you too. Keep yourself hydrates with this Winerack which makes your breasts look bigger, so no need for a Boob Job, this is cheaper! Guys will be standing in line for a sip of your secret stash.


camping gadget

You GO GIRL! No need to sit down anywhere nasty and neither need to use those smelly Dixie toilets. It’s always been a girl’s dream to be able to pee while standing just like men do. This plastic funnel can easly slip comfortably into the zipper of your pants and allows you to urinate privately and easily in a standing position.

#3 The tent empire

camping gadget

Take the campsite to the next level. Grow your empire on the campsite over time and just zip your tents together to create your own complete tent city. It’s just what you need to get closer together and create the festival camping community 2016.

#4 Head support sleeping gadget

camping gadget

Does your girlfriend wants to drag you to one of your most unfavorite, boring songwriters while you still haven’t fully recovered from last night? Bring along this sleeping gadget! Trust us, she won’t notice a thing

#5 Flower Power

camping gadget

Ladies, stop putting stupid plastic flowers crowns in your hair! Get your own grass hair pins, it the newest fashion gadget (also applicable for men).

#6 Toilet paper plot

camping gadget

Toilet paper is needed, but it always ends up somewhere in the dirt. This toilet paper pot will keep your essential clean and safe. You can even throw it over to your festival neighbour, in case their out of stock.

#7 The Marvel Superhero sleeping bags

camping gadget

Superhero sleeping bags? Now who doesn’t want to be a hero while sleeping at the campsite. Get one of these Marvel sleeping bags and you will be charged up with superhero powers and get that energy you need for the next festival day. Pick your favorite superhero and go on the Marvel super hero adventure, it’s the 2016 trend this summer at the campsite

#8 Tent shoes

camping gadget

Set up your tent anywhere you like, you got it with you at any time so it’s ideal for when it starts raining. Just pull out your tent out of your shoes and show your friends how useful this walking shelter is. This allows instant temporary shelter  by just quickly rolling it out from your ankles and pulled over the head.

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