Visit Budapest after Balaton Sound

Visit Budapest after Balaton Sound

wednesday, june 1st, 2016 / Editors

After a four days festival it is time to discover something else than artists, girls/guys and the beach. Get out there and travel to Budapest. Why? Because Budapest has an award winning nightlife and offers everything you need to end your summer holidays. We listed some fun activities, restaurants, pubs and must sees for you to really experience the Budapest life.

#1 Historical baths (picture below)

Oh yes, Budapest is number one city known for its thermal baths and after a 4 day festival, all you really need is to heal and relax your body and mind. The most famous and most known historical bathhouse in Budapest is the a Neo-Baroque Palace ‘Szechenyi’ . It is easily recognizable by its yellow façade and the outdoor pools. Another option is ‘Gellért’ the most beautiful thermal bath in Budapest and is mastered in the Art Nouveau Style.

gellert bath(Géllert Bath, Budapest, Hungary)

#2 Sparty

Ready to actually party in one of the thermal bathhouses? Join in on a Saturday night pool party with a spectacular LED light show and DJs. It is organized by Cinetrip and in the hot summer season you got to experience this unique setting. Don’t forget your bikini/speedo, flip-flops and towel. For more information and tickets visit the Cinetrip website and you will definitely want to go.

sparty(Sparty, Budapest, Hungary)

#3 Adrenaline kick

In need for some memorable and action filled adventure to kick off your adrenaline. Try out a totally new activity with real firearms experience, head out to a shooting range in Budapest. Stagshoot is centrally located, has experienced staff and offers a selection of guns to try out. This is definitely something for you if you always wanted to shoot a real gun, besides playing on video games or watching it in a movie scene. Book online in advance to ensure to be part in an exciting, fun and safe activity.

#4 Outgoing

As mentioned earlier, Budapest has an award winning nightlife. So you can’t visit Budapest without visiting the famous Jewish quarter filled with ruin bars. Start your bar hopping at Szimpla Kert and slowly move on to Anker’tFogashaz and Csendes TarsClub A38 and Boutiq Bar are great clubs to enjoy the rest of your night. Take part in a pubcrawl to really experience the nightlife in Budapest and meet new people while you are bar crawling. Book online to save money, visit the Hungarian pubcrawl website to get more experience of the taste.

ruin bars(Ruin bars, Budapest, Hungary)

#5 Time to dine local

You are in Budapest so try out the Hungarian local dishes and don’t head out to those known fast food chains you have at home. Downtown you can find simple an inexpensive hungarian local menu, Kisharang ÉtkezdeKarcsi Vendéglő and at a more tourist location behind the Basilica Lugas Étterem who also serves typical Hungarian dishes.

No time to sit at the restaurant and all you need is something cheap and quick. Visit the Great Market Hall, fresh food stalls where you can definitely find something you like. And if you are not veggie try out the Kolbice (a Hungarian hotdog served in a cone shaped bread).

kolbice(Hungarian Street Food ‘Kolbice’ at Great Market Hall, Budapest)

 #6 House of Terror Museum

The House of Terror Museum exhibits the victims of the Communist and the Nazi regimes from the 20th Century in a neo-Renaissance mansion. Victims who were held captive, tortured and executed in this building. It also presents material from the Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. This museum will definitely make you understand and gain a deeper insight into Budapest’s history. Discover how the victims sacrificed for their freedom and independence.

#7 Cheap accommodation

DBC Hostel is centrally located and the nightlife is within walking distance. They offer 4 to 12 bedrooms for party people as well as single room, in case you want your peace and quiet. Anyways of course free Wifi is available and the reception operates 24/7 reception. It is a fairly cheap accommodation and therefore perfect for your stay in Budapest.

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