What to do after Sziget in Budapest?

What to do after Sziget in Budapest?

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Sziget is on your list this summer and it’s happening on an island in Budapest. So go hop around Budapest itself and explore this beautiful city, it’s worth your time! Festival.Travel has put some valuable information together from after parties to bathhouses, coffee houses, ruin bars, activities and hiking tips. Use public transport for free with the Sziget-Budapest Citypass and enjoy Budapest to the fullest!

Szechenyi budapest

Photo: Szechenyi, Budapest


Budapest is well known for its hot springs and therefore it has beautiful baths to offer. Perfect place to really relax for a day of luxury after an intense festival week! The most famous bathhouses are, Szechenyi (famous by the yellow building with several outdoor pools) Gellért (near the Gellért Hill) and Lukács (along with concerts). Tip: the baths are often full and long waiting lines are waiting ahead. So make sure to go in the early morning. If these are already full, the huge Palatinus pool on the Margaret Island is an alternative.

Great Market Budapest

Great Market Hall, Budapest

#Vitamin boost at the Great Market Hall

After a week of alcohol, you lost lots of vitamins and nutrients so its time to recover and get back on your feet. Boost your vitamin levels naturally at the Great Market Hall in Budapest where the food is delicious, fresh and nutritious. You can find countless stalls with fruit, vegetables, fish, meat, dairy products and Hungarians specialties. The city has plenty of markets and then picnic outdoor in a park to relax. Easily accessible parks are City Park, Margaret’s Island and at the Gellért Hill. Take it easy and love the green space by walking, lounging or picnicking. Find the 360° movie of the Great Market Hall here.

grand cafe budapest

Grand Cafe New York Palace, Budapest

#Coffee houses

Still need a dose of caffeine to get rid of your Sziget hangover? In Budapest you will find plenty of coffee houses where you can drink tasteful coffee. Cafés are still a big phenomenon in Budapest, in the 19th century it was the meetings places for writers, artists and scientists. Coffee houses to remember Gerbeaud (Vörösmárty Tér 7-8), Művész (Andrássy út 29), Grand Cafe New York Palace (Erzsébet Körút 9-11) and Ruszwurm (Szentháromság utca 7). Read more about How to Cure a festival Hangover.

Gellert Hill Budapest

View from Gellért Hill, Budapest

#Explore on foot

Even though Budapest is well organized via public transport, discovering the city by foot is more amusing. As the fascinating façade are so unique at every corner and the walk through little streets in Buda or the grand boulevards in Pest is just a dream of an architect. Online you can find plenty of walking trails that show you around Budapest. Easy tip: Gellért Hill. This mountain rises 140 meters above the Danube River and is known for the Statue of Liberty. This picture at the top of the hill is for those who have fought for the independence and freedom of Hungary. From here you have a fascinating view over the city (and you see the island of Sziget, behind the Margaret Island). Budapest is truly a walking city there is nothing better to do than wandering around this city and discovering new things. 

fogashaz Budapest

Fogashaz, Budapest

#Clubs and ruin bars

Feeling fit again? Budapest is well known for its vibrant nightlife, even after Sziget! So you can go to several clubs like Lärm, Hello Baby, Tesla, Instant, Akvarium and Ötkert. Make sure you also visit the ruin bars in the jewish quarters of Budapest. The old but astonishing 19th century buildings are often filled with bars, eateries and private rooms. Ruin bars including Szimpla Kert, Anker’t, Fogashaz, Csendes Társ, Pótkulcs and Lokal are inspiring bars that make the nightlife unique in Budapest. Enjoy a couple of drinks and perhaps meets some locals too or other Szitizens.

escape room budapest

Exit Point, Budapest

#Escape Room games

Ready for an amazing experience in Budapest’s abandoned basements and dilapidated bars? Get your group of friends together and get locked inside rooms. Try out your intelligence and team work by solving series of logic puzzles to get you and your friends back out there. Claustrophilia is one of the most famous escape games in Budapest. Escape House, TRAP, and Exit Point are just as challenging. Book your game in advance to ensure to play in English.


sziget 2015

Sziget Festival, Budapest

#After party

The Warm-Up Party of Sziget is organized by Festival.Travel and Sziget on the boat club A38. Are you staying one more night and want to listen to one more concert before you head out again? Check out several bands in the Budapest Park. Or head out to the ruin bars, you will definitely enjoy your last few night there. Plus, there are plenty of parties all over the city even in the bathhouses.


Sziget Festival, Budapest

#Festival, Travel, Accommodation and more

Tickets are selling in record time but the 7-Day Passes to Sziget are still available for €299 under to Sziget Page. Travelling to Budapest can be expensive during the Sziget period, therefore buy a Sziget Express ticket. If you are roadtripping read more about Sziget Parking possibilities.

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