Where to stay at Sziget?

Where to stay at Sziget?

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Welcome Szitizens, you are ready to pick your accommodation but not sure where to go. Festival.Travel has listed a couple of comfortable stays for you to snooze during the festival. Various options are available from hostels, luxury hotels to camping areas. Select your stay upon your taste!

For Szitizens who prefer sleeping in a comfortable bed during the Sziget Festival, Budapest offers a lot of nice accommodations. This will not only provide you more comfort, but also gives you more time to explore and enjoy the beauty of Budapest! Get ready for breakfasts on petit terraces in the morning and strolls along the Danube, recharge yourself in the pretty spas and visit one of the funky ruin bars. From all accommodations the festival site is easy to reach! We selected some suggestions in various price categories

sziget budapest accommodation

#1 DBC Hostel

Looking for an affordable place to stay, in a good location? DBC Hostel is your ideal pick. Nightlife area District 7 is just a small walk away and the city centre is reachable within 15 minutes by foot.
Distance to Sziget: 35 minutes by public transport, 15 minutes by car
Price: €63 (£50)

#2 City Hostel Pest

Pest side is the best side! Book a triple room at City Hostel Pest on the known Ráday Street full of cafés, bars and restaurants and close by the river Danube.
Distance to Sziget: 40 minutes by public transport, 15 minutes by car
Price: €45 (£36)

raday street budapest sziget(Photo: Ráday Street near City Hostel Pest, Budapest, Hungary)

#3 Agape Aparthotel

Travelling with your friends group to Sziget and would like to overnight in a well-equipped apartment hotel? The Agape Aparthotel is centrally located in Budapest and offers 4 to 6 person bedroom apartments.
Distance to Sziget: 40 minutes by public transport, 25 minutes by car
Price: €22 (£18)

#4 Atlantic Hotel

The Atlantic Hotel accommodates guests comfortably in the city center of Budapest. This 3-star hotel will give you the rest you need after partying all day at Sziget.
Distance to Sziget: 45 minutes by public transport, 25 minutes by car
Price: €40 (£32)

atlantic sziget hotel(Photo: Atlantic Hotel, Budapest, Hungary)

#5 City Comfort Apartment

Looking for an accommodation in a quiet neighborhood to recharge your energy? A City Comfort Apartment is what you are looking for.
Distance to Sziget: 35 minutes by public transport, 20 minutes by car
Price: €63 (£50)

#6 Hilton Budapest *****

Reported to be in the top 10 “Best view of the world”. Overnight at Hilton Budepest ***** during your stay at Sziget Festival and enjoy the view of the Danube.
Distance to Sziget: 35 minutes by public transport, 20 minutes by car
Price: €61 (£48)

hilton hotel sziget(Photo: The view of Hilton Hotel, Budapest, Hungary)

# Camp on the island of freedom

Stay on-site and be part of the real festival atmosphere: let the sun wake you. Be the closest to the festival site, become a hard-core Szitizen, make friends without borders (and walls)! We have many options available for you and your friends.

Please note that if you have a 7 or 5 Days Pass or at least two days tickets (for consecutive days), you are entitled to sleep on the island and use basic camping facilities. Basic camping means that you can camp almost anywhere on the island (of course not in front of stages, not on paths, roads, etc.) – we call these designated basic camping zones. If you wish to stay in a closed upgrade campsite (VIP, Siesta, Alternativa, Bridge or Apéro) you can do that for an extra fee.

Unfortunately the VIP Camping, Camping Siesta and Camping Apéro are already sold out to many Szitizens. But do not worry, the Camping Alternativa, Camping Bridge and Caravan Camping are still open to all. In case you are the owner of a wheelchair, you can easily camp at the Ability Camping with your friends.

accommodation sziget(Photo: Sziget 2015, Budapest, Hungary)

# Alternativa Camping

Alternativa Camping is a great option, if you’re looking for a service level between the normal camping and the VIP camping facilities. Italian hospitality and a genuine “Dolce Vita” feeling is included in the price.

# Bridge Camping

Bridge Camping is the place nearby, where you are close to the entrance and also to Sziget City Center, by still enjoying an upgrade service level.

# Caravan Camping

Szitizens who travel by camper, are allowed to park and stay at the specially designed Caravan Camping. There is even a Family Camping for families with junior Szitizens!

Camping at the Sziget Festival is not like at most other festivals. The campsites are between the stages and decorated like you are staying in a fairytale. As the island is a park, there are a lot of trees that provides plenty of shade. Showers are warm, there are real toilets (not just portaloos) and luggage can be stored in a left luggage storage. For those who want to travel light: tents, wooden houses, caravans, mattresses and blankets can be rented.

On the VIP Camping even a swimming pool is awaiting its guests. But possibly the best part about camping on the festival is that you will be surrounded by other festival goers all the time, meaning you will be able to make lots of friends from all over the world!

sziget accommodation(Photo: Sziget 2015, Budapest, Hungary)

# Rent a tent & lockers

Rent a tent or a whole camping set? No problem, you are covered! You can already order the material you need, find more information on the Sziget Camping Products. Or get your pre-pitched tent ready to use upon arrival, this only counts for the upgraded campsite tickets. Check out the Pre-Pitched Tents page. Keep your valuables and make sure to book a guarded locker in advance. See the overview of guarded lockers here.

Lots of places with shade, good showers and toilets, left luggage service to store your luggage, rentable tents and thousands of other festival goers from over the whole world. Travelling to Sziget? Click further to Alternative cheap flights to Budapest.  The Sziget page will give you a clear overview of all tickets for your accommodation and any extras you would like to add. What more do you need to fulfill your whole festival experience?

See you abroad!

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