What to do after Sziget in Budapest?

friday, april 6th, 2018 / Editors

Sziget is on your list this summer and it’s happening on an island in Budapest. So go hop around Budapest itself and explore this beautiful city, it’s worth your time! Festival.Travel has put some valuable information together from after parties to bathhouses, coffee houses, ruin bars, activities and hiking tips. Use public transport for free with the Sziget-Budapest Citypass and enjoy Budapest to the fullest!

Alternative cheap flights to Budapest

wednesday, february 22nd, 2017 / Editors

Flight tickets to Budapest can get very expensive around the period of Sziget and Balaton Sound, but if you don’t mind spending some extra time travelling you can divert to other airports. This also gives you the chance to explore a bit from another city. We’ve selected the most commonly used airports and the costs of getting to Budapest from the UK and Ireland.

Croatia: New hotspot for music festivals

thursday, april 21st, 2016 / Editors

Croatia is calling to be the festival destination of 2016. Many music festivals celebrate in Croatia. The country shimmers by the coastline along the Adriatic seaside with sun-kissed beaches and many islands to visit. The temperature and the party vibes contribute to the sexiest festival feeling ever.

Cheap flights to EXIT Festival

friday, april 8th, 2016 / Editors

There is no international Airport in Novi Sad, Serbia. The nearest Airport is the Belgrade’s Nikola Tesla Airport. Festival.Travel selected a couple more destinations you can fly to, to get you easily from the UK and Ireland to EXIT Festival. Additionally, we add bus transfers and train rides with time and costs to give you the best overview. To find the cheapest flights, we recommend using cheapflights.com.

How to cure a festival hangover?

friday, february 26th, 2016 / Editors

Festival days can end up wild after dancing, laughing and having the time of your life with the crowd. But be aware to have the worst mornings ahead by simply not getting much sleep or living a healthy lifestyle at a festival. You are in need of something to ease your headache or nausea and unfortunately there is no magical potion out there yet for curing a hangover. However, Festival.Travel put some tips together to get you back on your feet fast during the festival days.

Aftermovies of Festivals are the key of emotion that brings us back to the time we loved. But any idea how a aftermovie happens? Recently we had the honour to talk to one of our favourite aftermovie creators, namely Peter Pallag: The creator of Sziget’s official aftermovies.