Questions about the festival summer of 2020

Information with regards to the coronavirus (COVID-19)

Due to the coronavirus, several measures have been taken already that also affect the festival summer, which we have all been looking forward to so much. On this page we will keep you informed about the developments that apply to the festivals in our offer, and how we deal with them.

Our thoughts go out to the relatives of victims and our healthcare heroes, as well as to all festival organizations, their crew, suppliers, artists and of course you as a visitor. Together we are strong. Hopefully we will see you again soon at one of our festivals. Stay safe!

Q: Will the festival that I bought tickets for take place at the original dates?

This differs per festival. Also it depends on the country where the festival takes place. Below you can find a list of the festivals in our offer that are now known to have been cancelled or postponed.

  • Sziget Festival (postponed to 2021, statement)
  • Balaton Sound Festival (postponed to 2021, statement)
  • Pohoda Festival (postponed to July 8-10 2021, statement)
  • Rock Werchter (postponed to 2021, statement)
  • Melt Festival (postponed to 2021, statement)
  • splash! Festival (postponed to 2021, statement)
  • Roskilde Festival (postponed to 2021, statement)
  • Lollapalooza Berlin (postponed to 2021, statement)
  • RFM Somnii (postponed to July 9-11 2021, statement)
  • Colours of Ostrava (postponed to July 14-17 2021, statement)
  • Electric Castle (postponed to July 14-18 2021; statement)
  • EXIT festival (postponed to 2021; statement)

Q: I bought tickets and/or other products for (one of) these festivals. What does this mean for me? 

For tickets or other products that come directly from the festival, the festival’s policy applies. You will be contacted by the festival organization for the handling of these tickets. It depends on the festival whether your ticket will remain valid for the 2021 edition, whether you will receive a voucher or whether you can apply for a refund. 

Q: I booked travel, accommodation and/or add-ons that are provided by Festival.Travel in addition to the festival’s offer. What does this mean for me?  

The value of your purchased products (including service fees) that Festival.Travel provides in addition to the festival’s offer, will be converted into a voucher.

Q: What can I do with a Festival.Travel voucher?

With this voucher you can book entrance tickets, travel, accommodation and other products from our offer of festivals for 2020 or 2021. This offer will be further complemented in the coming months so that you have as much choice as possible.

Q: Why will the value of my Festival.Travel products be converted into a voucher?

By converting the value into a voucher, we can continue to exist and survive the economic setback of a summer without festivals. We do this in line with the policy of the Dutch and Belgian governments to support the events industry; see Save your ticket and Nathalie Muylle.

Q: When can I expect the voucher?

We’ll send you the voucher and further instructions by September.

Q: Until when is my voucher valid?

From the time of release, your voucher will be valid for a year.

Q: My question has not yet been answered. Can you help me out? 

Ofcourse we can. Please contact us via the Festival.Travel contact page.

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This is what you can do against the coronavirus:

  • Stay at home as much as you can. 
  • Only go outside in case you really need to. 
  • Don’t visit people above the age of 70 years old and people with a weak health.
  • In case you leave the house, keep at least 1,5 meters distance to one another. 
  • Take care of good hygiene measures.