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Festival.Travel Parking

  • Secured parking
  • Five minutes walking distance
  • Open 24/7

The easiest way to park your car during Balaton Sound! The Festival.Travel Parking takes approximated a 5 minute walk to the festival site. The parking is open from the 8th of July 10.oohrs to 13th of July 12.00hrs.

The parking is open 24/7. Would you like to go on a trip to Zamárdi or Siofok? Everything you re-enter the parking, you will be asked to pay two euros. Please note: Sleeping in your car during the festival is not approved.

Advice: Even though the parking is secured, Festival.Travel is not responsible for your valuables in the car. Would you like to make sure your belongings are safe? Hire a locker, located at the festival site. For tickets, go to the webshop of Balaton Sound.

Exact address:
Szent Istvan Ut 69
Zamárdi, Hungary



  • Price €25 per vehicle