Balaton Sound Caravan Camping

Balaton Sound, Zamardi, Hongarije
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Balaton Sound 2020 has been canceled due to the corona virus

Due to the coronavirus, the 2020 edition of Balaton Sound Festival is, to our big regret, canceled. You can find more information about this in the official reporting by Balaton Sound. This also means that the Balaton accommodations will not be available this year. You can read more about the voucher scheme that we use as Festival.Travel on our coronavirus page.

About the Balaton Sound Caravan Camping

Planning to go to Balaton Sound with a caravan or camper? Get a ticket for the festival’s own Caravan Camping. Park your vehicle and you’re all set to start enjoying your festival holiday, while others are still struggling with setting up their tents!

More information

  • Facilities: Electricity and extra showers and toilets
  • Location: Next to the festival site, the exact location will be communicated later.
  • Important: Only vehicles with fixed beds can enter the Caravan Camping. Station wagons with folded down back-seats or minivans with loose mattresses are not accepted. It’s also not allowed to park your car at the camping. Caravans can have one side-tent, but separate tents are not permitted.

All passengers of the vehicle should have a multiple day festival pass or two or more consecutive day tickets. Upon arrival you will get a caravan pass and wristbands to enter the area. The maximum number of wristbands is determined by the capacity of your vehicle (as indicated in the registration book).

Balaton Sound 2021

Balaton Sound Caravan Camping


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  • *per vehicle