Balaton Sound bus transfers

Balaton Sound Festival, Zamárdi, Hungary

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This product isn’t available at the moment. Travel, accommodations and extra services for Balaton Sound 2019 will be available from the end of November. Got a question? Contact us via our contact page.

About the Balaton Sound bus transfers

Also this year special Balaton Sound bus transfers will drive from Budapest to the festival site in Zamárdi. There are two locations in Budapest where you can hop on the bus:

Departure locations Budapest

  • Budapest Airport
  • Népliget station

Departure location Balaton Sound

  • Zamárdi, Main Camping Entrance

Traveling by plane? Make sure you arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before your flight so you are not in a rush.  The ride takes about 1,5 hours, take delay into account. Especially on Monday morning, when most people leave Zamárdi. The bus tranfers will drive according to a schedule. Once this one is available, you’ll find it below.

Tickets will soon be available at our Balaton Sound festival page.


  • One-way ticket Nnb
  • Two-way ticket Nnb