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Balaton Sound Festival, Zamárdi, Balaton Sound

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This product isn’t available at the moment. Travel, accommodations and extra services for Balaton Sound 2019 will be available from the end of November. Got a question? Contact us via our contact page.

About the Balaton Sound Camping Products

Don’t feel like bringing all kinds of tent materials? Order the Balaton Sound Camping Set or buy the products separately.

Camping Set

  • Incl. €20 cash-back option
  • Tent (2.2m x 1.2m)
  • Sleeping mattress (1.8m x 1.1m)
  • Blanket

Camping Set Deluxe

  • Incl. €20 cash-back option
  • Deluxe tent (2,5 x meer water resistant and 30% than the basic tent)
  • Airbed
  • A premium sleeping bag


  • Intex airbed
  • 191x137x22cm
  • Inflate on spot

Sleeping bag

  • Material: polyester
  • 190x74cm
  • Available in 3 colors: blue, green, black (choose on spot)


  • 130x170cm

Camping mattress – €6

  • Material: foam
  • 180x50x0,7cm
  • Available in 4 colors: blue, lime green, red, fuchsia (choose on spot)

The products can be used from Wednesday July 5 to Monday July 10. All products can be picked up earlier with a Moving-in Ticket.

Tickets will soon be available in the Balaton Sound webshop.