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EXIT Festival, Novi Sad, Serbia

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About EXIT bus transfers

The EXIT bus transfers to Novi Sad drive from the aiports of Belgrade, Budapest and Zagreb and will drop you off right in front of the EXIT campsite. Choose to travel back and forward by bus or select a one-way ticket and continue your journey to Sea Dance Festival in Budva after EXIT festival.

Departure / arrival locations

  • Belgrade Airport (80km from Novi Sad, 1.5 hour drive)
  • Budapest Airport (350km from Novi Sad, 5.5 hour drive)
  • Zagreb (380km from Novi Sad, 6 hour drive)

Drop off / pick up at the festival

  • Camping Entrance at EXIT Festival

Departure dates

  • Wednesday, 6. July
  • Thursday, 7. July

Return dates

  • Monday, 11. July
  • Tuesday, 12. July

Heading back to the aiport? Make sure to count in extra time to be at the aiport. Normally the rides do take 1.5, 5.5 and 6 hours long, but for instance on Monday morning, it may take a little longer due to traffic as everyone is leaving the festival.

Depending on the number of the flight passangers, the times of the EXIT bustransfers will be determined. For that reason the exact departure times will be published two weeks prior departure.

Tickets are available in the EXIT webshop.


  • Price from €10