Mysterious Tour Petrovaradin Fortress

EXIT Festival, Novi Sad, Serbia

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About the guided tour Petrovaradin Fortress

The EXIT Festival takes place in a wonderful historic Petrovaradin Fortress.  It is not only amazing above grounds but it certainly beautiful under grounds. It hosts a stunning maze of the underground military galleries. The underground corridors are about 20 kilometers and it is now turned into a dazzling guided tour.

The Austrian army once called this ‘The Gibraltar of the Danube’ and it was built for defense against the Ottomans. The construction of the Petrovaradin Fortress took about 88 years to build, from 1692 to 1780 and served as the fortification of the Habsburg Empire. Small pits of explosives are still to be seen in the tunnels, as the Austrian forces would wait until one of the members of the Ottomans came and blow a mine off. The survivors would not stay alive as they would be slaughtered after

Take the opportunity to explore the underground mysteries buried beneath the grounds of the festival. The mysterious tour leads about 40 minutes through the tunnels, which includes hidden passages, some trap and dive back into the history of the fortress.

Each day of the festival the tour starts around 7 pm and the tour costs €10 per person and up to 20 people can join the tour. For anyone who purchased tickets for the guided tour, you will receive information about the starting point and more details.

If you like to join the tour, we recommend to send an e-mail to to inquire if there is still places free in the Guided Tour on their preferred day, before ordering the tickets.

Tickets are available in the EXIT webshop.


  • Price €10
  • Validity 9.-12. July 2016
  • Starts 7 pm
  • Duration 40 min
  • Max. number of visitors 20