EXIT City Beach Hostel

EXIT Festival, Novi Sad, Serbia

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About EXIT City Beach Hostel

Favorite hostel among EXIT Festival go-ers! The hostel is located near the Danube, the perfect opportunity to chill during the day. The hostel is one of the most popular choices for the EXIT festival fans because of the number of possibilities the hostel offers. The hostel has a good quality/price ratio. You pay for what you get!


  • Shared kitchen
  • Balcony
  • Reception
  • Free WiFi
  • Lounge
  • Small shop

Rooms have

  • Bathroom
  • Balcony
  • Small kitchen with fridge
  • Bedding

How to go to the festival?

The hostel is about 2,5 kilometers from the festival entrance and 2 kilometers from the city center. A taxi ride to the festival cost approximately three euros or you can use bus 4 to go to the festival. You can also use the public city transport of Novi Sad. Information about buses is available at http://www.gspns.co.rs/.

Book extra nights

Do you want to book extra nights? No problem! Send us a message via the Festival.Travel contact page. Important to know: in order to book extra nights, you first have to book the standard period as mentioned in the ticketshop.

EXIT Festival

EXIT City Beach Hostel


  • Price €19*
  • Check-in Thursday July 4
  • Check-out Monday July 8
  • Including Internet, sleeping sheets, tourist taxes
  • *per person per night