EXIT Village Camping

EXIT Festival, Novi Sad, Serbia

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About the EXIT Village Camping

The one and only official festival camping, located near the popular city beach of Novi Sad: the EXIT Village. It’s the ideal spot to relax during the day and go for a refreshing swim in the Danube.


  • Showers & toilets
  • Wash bins
  • Stands with food and drinks
  • Trees to relax in the shade
  • The perfect spot for a refreshing swim in the Danube
  • Taxi rides to the festival site cost around 3 euros

Tickets for the EXIT Village Camping are only valid in combination with a multiple-day festival ticket for EXIT. The EXIT Village is open from Tuesday June 30 at noon to Tuesday July 7 at noon.

Tickets will soon be available in the EXIT webshop.

EXIT Festival 2021

EXIT Village Camping


  • Price TBA
  • Open from Tuesday July 13
  • To Tuesday July 17
  • *per person