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Sziget Festival, Budapest, Hungary

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Sziget Festival 2020 has been canceled due to the corona virus

Due to the coronavirus, the 2020 edition of Sziget Festival is, to our big regret, canceled. You can find more information about this in the official reporting by Sziget. This also means that the accommodations will not be available this year. You can read more about the voucher scheme that we use as Festival.Travel on our coronavirus page.

About the Sziget Camping Products

Don’t feel like bringing your own tent or other camping gear? Order the Sziget Camping Set or buy the products separately. All products can be picked up earlier with a Moving-in Ticket.

Camping Set

  • Incl. 20 euros cash-back option
  • Tent (22o x 12o x 95 cm)
  • Sleeping mat (18o x 110 cm)
  • Fleece blanket
  • Hanging LED light

Camping Set Deluxe

  • Incl. 20 euros cash-back option
  • Deluxe tent ((215 + 80) x 155 x 110 cm)
  • Two-person airbed
  • Sleeping bag
  • Hanging LED light

Two-person airbed

  • Intex airbed
  • 191 x 137 x 22 cm
  • Inflate on-site

Sleeping bag

  • Material: polyester
  • 190 x 74 cm
  • Available in 3 colours: blue, green, black (to choose on spot)

Fleece blanket

  • 130 x 170 cm

Camping mat

  • Material: foam
  • 180 x 50 x 0.7 cm
  • Available in 4 colours: blue, lime green, red, fuchsia (to choose on spot)


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