Mixery Melt! Train

The experience begins upon departure!

Travelling by train to MELT! Festival

New this year: the Mixery Melt! Train. A train full of festivalgoers, the party already starts on the railroad. Catch the train to MELT! from Amsterdam Central Station or Den Bosch with some stopovers in Germany and you will directly arrive on the campsite of the festival.

The easiest way to get to MELT! Festival. All you need to do is to travel to Amsterdam or Den Bosch first and from there you will already start experiencing a MELT! experience. The train ride lasts only a couple of hours and in the meantime you can have a couple of beers at the bar or already make some German friends. The train also serves as a hotel where you can sleep your drunken nights out after partying at MELT! With the camping wristband you can easily use transfers between the festival and the campsite.

Festival.Travel is the official travel partner of MELT! Festival.

melt express
ME16 Melt Express Hotel en

Travel dates:

  • Departure from Amsterdam Central Station & ‘s-Hertogenbosch: 14 July
    Arrival at MELT! Festival, Germany: 14 July
  • Departure from MELT! Festival, Germany: July 18
    Arrival at Amsterdam Central Station & ‘s-Hertogenbosch: 12 July


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MELT! Express, 14 July - 18 JulyAvailable</p> <p>

MELT! Camping

The train seats are also your overnight sleeping place. Six people can be accommodated in one cabin. Need more space? you may select more than once ticket during your booking process. Bedlinen or a sleeping bag should is your responsibility to bring with you. The dimensions of a cartable bed is 185 cm x 65 cm. During the festival you can get breakfast and drinks at the campsite. The booths are not lockable and during the festival there is no electricity in the train.

Festival Tickets

The festival tickets are not included in the price. After arriving at the camping, you can exchange your ticket at the guest list box office, located on the Bundesstrasse. Here you also receive the Camping Plus wristband. With this you can take the shuttles bus between the campsite and the festival.

Price & booking tickets

Each place in the Mixery Melt! Train can be booked by the price of €199. The tickets can be booked in the webshop of the festival page of MELT!.


Festival.Travel offers the Mixery Melt! Train, however they are not the organizers of this train. The conditions of Cool Tours are listed below.

Click here for the general terms and conditions of the festival train from MELT! GmbH & Co. KO and Cool-Tours.


Melt! Festival

  • From 15 July to 17 July 2016


  • Economy couchette – €199
    In fabric covered, convertible beds. Three at both sides of the compartment.