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I am traveling with a group. Are group discounts available?

From groups of 20 we check whether group discounts are possible. So please contact us if you are with 20 or more persons, using the form on the Group Travel page.

I have not received any tickets. What can I do to receive it?

You can sign in to your  Paylogic-account. There you will find the official tickets and / or temporary vouchers for your ordered products. Don’t have a Paylogic account? When you probably haven’t bought your tickets from Festival Travel. Do you have a question about this? Please contact us.
Tickets or the Sziget Express will be made available in your Festival Travel account no later than 48 hours before departure. You will receive an email about this as soon as they are ready, including an explanation of how to download tickets.

You will receive tickets for hotels and luxury accommodations at least one week before departure. This proces is the same as mentioned above.

I want to cancel or exchange my ticket(s). Is this possible?

It is not possible to cancel or exchange your ticket(s). You do have the option to resell it. Ticketswap is a website where we generally have good experiences with the safe resale of tickets. Please note: it is only possible to resell a ticket if it has a barcode. Do you have any question about this? Please contact us.

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We can be reached by phone on workdays between 9:00 and 17:00 (🇳🇱 +31203080854 and 🇧🇪 +3238082809) and by mail.

For an answer that is as complete as possible, we ask you to send us an e-mail. You can do this by completing the fields below. We aim to answer your question within 48 hours.

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