Travelling with Festival Travel

Our travel options do not only bring foreign festivals closer to home, they’re also a way to start the party earlier. Whether you’re on a train, bus, plane or your own roadtrip; in our opinion, your festival holiday starts upon departure. We work closely together with Maximal Trips, ANWB, Interrail and Tix to make your trip as fun and easy as possible.

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Send us a message via the contact page. Then we can have a look together which option suits you best to make your trip!

Festival Trains

Sziget + Balaton Sound

With our festival trains you can easily travel from A to B, with numerous activities on board. It is also the most eco-friendly travel option!

Festival Flights

EXIT Festival

The fastest travel option: festival flights. All including luggage.


All our festivals

Make your trip as adventurous as you want. Rent a camper!

Festival Buses

All our festivals

The cheapest travel option! Enjoy the convenience of a pick-up point in your area and easily take all your luggage with you.


All our festivals

An Interrail ticket equals ultimate travel freedom to almost all places in Europe!


All our festivals

Get behind the wheel yourself and hit the road prepared.


Sziget + Balaton Sound + EXIT Festival

Need help with the last few steps of your journey? Check the transfers!