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Electric Castle 2023

official partner
Date to be announced Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Electric Castle 2023: light spectacle in the land of Dracula

People used to fear Count Dracula between the mountains of Transylvania, but now in this same district there’s a lot of partying. This happens in the Bánffy Castle, a Romanian historical place which lights up for Electric Castle every July. 

At Electric Castle you can go wild 24 hours a day to music by more than three hundred artists, both national and international. These are not just the regular performances, because Electric Castle books with a certain ideology. The festival only programs artists (for the two largest stages) which have a good live reputation and will provide a lot of (light) spectacle.

In and around the castle you will not only find music, but also fringe activities such as workshops, games, special fairground attractions, art, dance and, above all, very good food. The festival is known for having a fantastic culinary offer for very little money. Want to do something else then party? No problem either! Electric Castle is celebrated near the student city of Romania, Cluj-Napoca, where you can enjoy nice terraces and a lot of beautiful history.

Line up

Alternative Rock


Rap Rock

Twenty One Pilots

Deep House


Alternative Metal


Deep House

Peggy Gou





Alternative Rock


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    official partner
    Date to be announced Cluj-Napoca, Romania