Flights to Melt Festival

The fastest way to get to Germany is by airplane. From the UK there are several cities to go to Berlin, such as: London, Manchester, Edinburgh and Dublin. From these airports there is a direct flight option.

Even though you can’t bring all the luggage (think of your tent) it is the fastest way to get to your destination.  Unfortunately, Festival Travel doesn’t offer direct flights to Melt. Working together with Kayak we can offer you the cheapest options. 

Airports Berlin

In less than 2.5 hours you can fly to Berlin Tegel or Schonefeld. From the airport there are several ways to get to splash! Festival. From Tegel airport the easiest way to the festival is by going to the city centre and from there to take the train to Dessau. From Schonefeld airport there is a direct train going to Dessau. In Dessau there are shuttles services going up and down to the festival area. 


Germany is part of the European Union. For travelling to the European Union it is required to bring a passport when you travel to Germany.