In cooperation with Maximal Trips, Festival Travel organizes bus trips from the Netherlands and Belgium to Melt Festival. Simply and safely take the Melt Bus to the festival and you are sure that you can take enough luggage with you.


 Adjustable seats Air conditioning Toilet

Travel dates

Departure from the Netherlands & Belgium: TBA
Arrival Melt, Ferropolis, Germany: TBA

Departure from Melt, Ferropolis, Germany: TBA
Arrival in the Netherlands & Belgium: TBA

Departure locations

AmsterdamTBASales will start soon
AntwerpTBASales will start soon
BrusselsTBASales will start soon
EindhovenTBASales will start soon
GhentTBASales will start soon
GroningenTBASales will start soon
HasseltTBASales will start soon
UtrechtTBASales will start soon
ZwolleTBASales will start soon

The addresses per departure location can be found on the page General Information Festival Buses. These are the same for all our bus trips.

Price & booking tickets

The price is based on ‘retour tourist class’ bus transport. With our bus you have a travel together guarantee and bus tickets can always be resold. You can book tickets in our Melt Festival ticket shop.

Several buses leave from the same departure point. So make a reservation for the whole group. This way, travelers are prevented from traveling on different buses.

Facilities in the Melt Bus

  • Air suspension for optimal driving pleasure
  • Adjustable armchairs
  • Double glazing, air conditioning and baseboard heating
  • Stereo sound system and DVD
  • Toilet
  • At least two experienced drivers
  • Tourist Class: seat distance 75 cm (from axle to axle)

Festival Travel only works with certified ISO 9001 / Stichting Keurmerk Touringcarbedrijf (SKTB) buses. This means that all buses guarantee quality, safety and service. The drivers and other staff are carefully selected.