Flights to Pohoda Festival

The fastest way to get to Slovakia is by airplane. From the UK there are several cities to go to Bratislava or VIenna, such as: London, Manchester, Edinburgh and Dublin. From these airports there is a direct flight option.

Even though you can’t bring all the luggage (think of your tent) it is the fastest way to get to your destination.  Unfortunately, Festival Travel doesn’t offer direct flights to Pohoda. Working together with Kayak we can offer you the cheapest options.

Airport of Bratislava

In less then 2,5 hours you can fly to Bratislava (M. R. Stefanika – BTS) from London, Manchester, Edinburgh or Dublin. Vanaf het vliegveld zijn er verschillende manieren om naar het Pohoda Festival te gaan.

On Thursday 8th of July, Pohoda organises a special festival train to Trencin, this train will return to Bratislava on the 11th of July.

Airport of Vienna

Another option is to fly to Vienna. A flight to Vienna will approximately take the same time as a flight to Bratislava. Vienna is close to the Slovakian border and it will take you just under an hour to go to Bratislava from Vienna airport by public transport.


Slovakia is part of the European Union. For travelling to the European Union it is required to bring a passport with you.