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Authentic Sziget vibes: VOLT Festival 2022

In the Hungarian town of Sopron, close to the borders with Austria and Slovakia, VOLT Festival marks the beginning of the summer. A bucketlist festival for the nostalgic Sziget fan; as visitors from Western Europe are still quite rare at VOLT.

VOLT once started out as Sziget’s little sister, but for many Hungarians this festival has grown into an indispensable phenomenon at the beginning of the festival summer. In terms of atmosphere, colourful decoration and side program with street theatre, art, culture, sports, games and a funfair, the festival has many similarities with Sziget. Not surprising, considering that both festivals are products of the same organization. Although until recently the line-up mainly consisted of Hungarian acts, nowadays you’ll find a great selection of international rock and pop artists at VOLT.

Line up

21 Jun
Alternative Rock


22 Jun
Alternative Rock

The Killers


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  • Borgore
  • Bring Me The Horizon
  • FuntCase
  • Passenger
  • Skillet
  • Sum 41
  • Virtual Riot
  • Yungblud

Line up


Black Eyed Peas

Alternative Rock

Papa Roach


Lost Frequencies


VOLT Festival takes place in June 2022. The specific dates are not yet known.

This is not yet known. As soon as this information is announced, it will be immediately posted on our website.

This is not yet known. As soon as this information is announced, it will be immediately posted on our website.

VOLT Festival doesn’t have a minimum age, but children below 14 years old can not enter the festival site without the guidance of an adult. Children below 11 years old are allowed to enter the festival for free.

At the festival you can pay with your wristband or Mastercard. Your wristband can be topped up with your credit card via the VOLT Festival app or on the festival site at a Festipay point with cash, pin or credit card.

Kőszegi út 35, Sopron, Hungary.

What do I have to know?

In cooperation with Interrail, Festival Travel offers train tickets with which you can travel through Europe. Interrail passes give you unlimited train access for a certain period within 31 European countries, excluding your home country. This way you can make your festival holiday even more special and adventurous.


How do I book an Interrail Pass?

For more information, please visit the Interrail page. It’s also possible to book an Interrail Pass on the Interrail website via the Festival Travel x Interrail webpage.

What do I have to know?

The fastest way to travel to VOLT Festival is by taking a plane to Vienna. In cooperation with TIX we help you find the cheapest flights.

Be aware of the limited luggage space, especially when you have to take a tent and other camping gear with you.

What do I have to know?

Festivals are perfect to visit during a European road trip. Decide for yourself how much space you have, who you take with you, where you stop and how far you go.


Keep in mind that you will pass several toll roads on the way. At most of these check points you can pay by credit card, but it’s always wise to bring cash with you.


Distance to Sopron:
– From Paris: 1.288 km
– From Berlin: 729 km
– From Milan: 860 km

The official currency in Hungary is the Forint (HUF). The general exchange rate is 320 HUF / 1 EUR and 385 HUF / 1 GBP.

CET – Central European Time.

Ambulance (mentö): 104
Fire department (tűzoltó): 105
Police (rendör): 107
AAA road service: 188

It depends on where you come from, but if you’re from the EU, an identity card is sufficient.

In Hungary they use European plugs of type C, E and F (two-pole, round-pin power plugs).

You can drink water from the tap, unless it’s indicated otherwise.