Freedom on four wheels

About travelling by car

Combine your festival holiday with a European road trip. Decide for yourself who you take with you, where you stop and how far you go. Please be aware that not everywhere the same traffic rules apply, so make sure to leave prepared.

Festival.Travel parking

For some festivals we also offer parking. More information can be found on the page of your selected festival in the services section.


Plan your route
Check which countries you cross and where you want to stop in between. Take enough breaks and if possible assign multiple drivers who can take turns behind the wheel. There is nothing worse than being tired when driving.

Check the traffic rules of the countries you cross
The laws can differ in every country, so take them seriously. Make sure you bring reflective jackets, a warning triangle and a first aid kit and stick to the speed limits. Also, never drink and drive!

Avoid traffic jams
It is a lot more peaceful to drive at night or leave early in the morning.

Pack heavy luggage at the bottom of your vehicle and bring enough (healthy) snacks and drinks to keep your energy flowing.

Paying toll
In several European countries such as Austria, Slovenia and Slovakia it is obligated to have a vignette on your car. A vignette is a sticker that indicates road tolls have been paid. The sticker has to be visible on the front window of the car when you pass the border in question. You can buy vignettes at every border. It’s mostly possible to pay by credit or debit card, but we always advise you to have enough cash with you as well. There are different vignettes for cars and motorcycles and they come with different validities, such as 10 days, 2 months or 1 year.


  • Freedom
  • Luggage space
  • Cheap

Check before departure:

  • Garage check-up for oil etc.
  • Travel insurance
  • Green card
  • Emergency numbers