Balaton Sound Express

To Balaton Sound with the festival train of Festival Travel

Get the party already started upon departure: take the Balaton Sound Express! Make new friends before you arrive, drink a beer or two (or more) and enjoy the view. Hop on at Ghent-Sint-Pieters or Brussels-South and travel directly to the festival. The train also is the greenest travel option; you emit 83% less CO2 in comparison to when you travel by plane*.

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Balaton Sound Express 2020 has been canceled due to the corona virus

Due to the coronavirus, the 2020 edition of Balaton Sound Festival is, to our big regret, canceled. You can find more information about this in the official reporting by Balaton Sound. This also means that the Balaton Express will not be going this year. You can read more about the voucher scheme that we use as Festival.Travel on our coronavirus page.

Travel dates

  • Departure from Ghent-Sint-Pieters and – Brussels-South: not yet known
    Arrival in Belgium: TBA
  • Departure from Szántód-Kőröshegy, Hungary: TBA
    Arrival in Brussels-South and Ghent-Sint-Pieters, Belgium: TBA


SeatEconomy CouchetteComfort Couchette
Available soonAvailable soonAvailable soon

Price & tickets

The prices of the Balaton Sound Express differ per comfort level. You can choose between Seats, Economy Couchettes and Comfort Couchettes. Tickets will be available in the webshop.

Facilities Balaton Sound Express

  • Luggage storage (read more)
  • Toilets
  • Wash bins
  • Bar-/bistrowagon

Moving-In Camping ticket and Boat Party

To be able to stay at the camping on the day of arrival, you need to buy a Moving-In Camping ticket. Also, there will be a Belgian Boat Party on that arrival day again. More information about this will be available shortly.

The greenest travel option

* The difference of 83% is calculated in an advisory module from Milieu Centraal, an independent organization of Rijkswaterstaat that provides practical information about the environment. Based on a distance of 1.434 kilometers and 900 people, Milieu Centraal indicates that the emissions per person by train are 96kg CO2, while aircraft produces 550kg CO2 per person.

Click here for general information and terms and conditions of our train travels.

Balaton Sound Express

  • Balaton Sound, Hungary

Travel period

  • TBA

Seating (round trip)

  • Seat
  • In fabric covered, convertible chairs. Three on both sides of the compartment. 
  • Economy Couchette
  • In fabric covered, convertible beds. Three on both sides of the compartment. 
  • Comfort Couchette
  • In fabric covered, convertible beds. Three on one side and two on the other side of the compartment. 

Departure stations in Belgium

  • Ghent-Sint-Pieters
  • Brussels-South

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